All About Desiree Louise


Born Desiree Louise Burgess in the year 1990 in Camarillo, CA. Desiree developed a love for performing at a very young age, participating in beauty pageants from the time she was 3 into her early elementary school years, winning many titles and trophies. She performed in many school and community plays throughout her childhood, landing many lead and supporting roles. As a child she strove to become a singer and would take singing classes over the Summer’s. She enjoyed writing songs and singing with her best friend Carly Dorr. The two of them would perform a song and dance number every year in the school’s talent show. Along with singing Desiree loved to dance and started taking gymnastic and dance lessons at the age of 5. Early on Desiree came to love the camera and after receiving a video camera as a gift she began tomake self produced home videos with her friends. Throughout the course of her childhood she produced over 25 short video’s with her friends where she would act as the director, producer, and actress. Other activities that she was involved with were drawing, softball, student council, basketball, track, and guitar. 


During Desiree’s early adolescent years her parents moved her and her family up to Northern California where she spent the rest of her teenage years. At the age of 12 she began cheerleading. For the first year or two she started with youth cheer for the local football teams. Then at the age of 14 she joined The Station One Flames competition cheerleading team and competed in the senior level, going to many national and semi national competitions all over the country. Upon entering high school she also made the varsity cheer team and was involved with that until graduation in 2008. She would frequently act as the choreographer for her team, always making up dances and routines and eventually wound up as the dance captain. While in high school she also began acting as assistant coach for youth cheer and middle school teams. Along with cheerleading Desiree also enrolled into video production, drama, and art classes throughout high school. She was also known for her love for taking pictures and would photograph and model often. 

After graduation Desiree began taking classes 

at the local community college where she began

studying Psychology and completing her

general education. She enrolled into drama, 

acting, theatre writing, and public speaking

classes as well. After 2 years time she had

received her Associates degree in Social and

Behavioral Science. Once she received her A.A 

she transferred to California State Channel

Islands, moving back to the Los Angeles area. 

She thought she was going to keep studying

Psychology, but before school started realized

that she needed to keep following her dream

of performing as she had all her life and began 

taking more acting and dance classes. She took

acting and performing arts classes both

through her college and with great coaches 

throughout Los Angeles such as Lesley Kahn,

Billy O’Leary, Killian McHugh and 

improvisation at the Upright Citizens Brigade. 

Consequently, she eventually changed her


major to double major in to Communication and Business with a minor in

performing arts and quickly finished up her B.A degree so that she could continue focusing on acting. While in school she moved to L.A and would take all her classes on one day of the week so that the other days of the week were free to audition and take acting classes. While in school she focused heavily on hosting, broadcast, and public speaking and was appointed the communication chair for the entire senior class where should would put on presentations and motivational speeches. 

Upon graduating college Desiree started working on many sets and learning the ins and outs of Hollywood. She started to get cast in roles for independent projects and short films that went on to become entered into film festivals. Desiree also always had a passion for writing and began writing screenplays. She currently has completed 3 feature length screen plays and 3 short film screen plays. Desiree has gone on to self produce and film 2 of her completed short films Wrecklessly Written and Dirty Little Secret. Both of which were self funded or crowd funded on Indigogo and have been entered into film festivals. Through the connections Desiree made and her innate organizational ability and eye for talent she began working as a casting director. To date she has cast leads and background for feature length films, short films, commercials including companies such as Doritos, Shock Top, and Ford, and many more. This led her into creating her own legal company Ray of Sunshine Entertainment, which is the company she operates under for all of her casting director work. Her acting accomplishments and opportunities are also always growing. Desiree has a handful of national and regional commercials currently running.  Continuing with her love her dance she became a certified Zumba instructor and began sub teaching classes and expanding to her special skills. Desiree loves to keep busy and is a very focused and goal oriented young woman. Her passion and talent shows through her professional and determined spirit. She is an extremely hard worker and is undeniably destined for success.